We are a leading heavy machine rental company

We are a leading debris company extensively focused in the rentals of heavy machines. We are heavily stocked with a wide range of heavy machines and hydraulic excavators like wheel loaders, mini excavators, cranes, wheel excavators, rigid dump trucks, and medium excavators. Every model delivers an excellent and super performance, and is very comfortable to use.

Our fleets are designed with state-of-the-arts functionality, with the ability to lift large quantities of debris. In addition, our machines are reliable, with a minimal downtime, and an excellent fuel economy.

We have been providing excavator machines for rentals to several residential and commercial clients for heavy duty operations in debris dump sites around our municipality.

We are stocked with more than 500 hydraulic excavators and other heavy- duty machines in our yard. We are heavily meeting the demands of our clients who rent for the sanitation needs of communities across the country.

Also, with more than 300 well trained engineers under our belt, we are successfully executing other projects like machinery maintenance as well as heavy constructions. This feat has placed us on the pedestal of utmost professionalism in delivering engineering solutions in the country.

So, if you want a holistic debris excavation or a landscape construction that will stand the test of test, irrespective of the size or nature of the project, our fleet of heavy machineries and highly qualified engineers will deliver with technical superior know-how, to give you quality and longevity.

Our mode of operation is consistent with global best practices and centered on our philosophy which drives our value and mission.

We believe in safety first. This why we are committed to a sustainable environment through the deployment of reliable heavy machineries and well -trained environmental engineers to enable customers easily and safely build a healthier and better future.